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If it once has slipped the surly bonds of earth, or will one day, it’s cool.  You’ve made it to this website, so in some way, you may agree.

We created this website to bring together a collection of all things aviation.  Whether you enjoy Powered Parachutes, Helicopters, Airships, Jets, or anything else, we hope you will find something you enjoy.  And if you don’t, please help inform us what’s missing!  All those who look up and want to learn about what’s up there have something valuable to add.

Not just for airplanes, the pilots, A&Ps, students, avgeeks, plane watchers, (the list goes on and on), can find something of interest here.  The learning never stops, and what’s better than learning about aviation?  Nothing.

So please, add our website to your daily scan, and look for new and exciting things to come!

My name is Clark, I am the founder of AircraftAreCool.com, and I welcome you.  I am an aspiring Advanced Ground Instructor, with my eyes set on eventually becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor, and anything else I can learn about.

Thank you for joining me, and watch this space for more to come!
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